If you are seeking support for the first time or if you are a returning grantee seeking support for a new project, we recommend that you send us a letter of inquiry before you submit a full proposal. This allows us to give you preliminary feedback concerning your request and its potential fit within our funding priorities. Letters of inquiry should include a brief description of the proposed project and a project budget.


While proposals may vary in length, we prefer proposals that adhere to the procedures described below. We do not use any formal grant applications; however, concise proposals are appreciated. Generally, we make one-year, one-time grants and consider each grantee and program in the context of our current programmatic goals. The proposal should include:

  1. A brief history of the organization, including its primary purpose and goals

  2. A project description, including: a statement of the issue to be addressed and a description of how the planned project will address the issue with clearly stated goals or objectives

  3. Plans for assessing performance and monitoring progress toward program goals

  4. An income and expense budget for the project explained in an accompanying brief budget narrative

  5. A list of current and projected funding sources and amounts for the project, for the fiscal year in which the project will take place

  6. A copy of the organization’s most recent audited financial report

  7. A list of board members and their affiliations

  8. A list of professional staff or key personnel involved in the project

  9. A copy of the organization’s tax exemption letter from the Internal Revenue Service


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