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Defending civil liberties and rights to promote and advance individual freedoms.

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About us

Founded by Hugh M. Hefner in 1964, the Foundation partners with organizations that overcome censorship and oppression — and aspires for a future without them.

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First Amendment Awards

The annual HMH First Amendment Awards honor risk-takers across industries who relentlessly fight for our rights of freedom of expression and expansion of civil liberties. 


Donate to Our Causes

Your donations fund the organizations protecting the rights of all Americans, particularly First Amendment freedoms, civil liberties, and rational drug policy and sex policies.

How we defend civil liberties

Through grants and annual awards, we support frontline warriors defending our rights.

Years Defending 1st Amendment Rights
$ 570 k
Grantee Support
1st Amendment Awards
Years Defending 1st Amendment Right
$ 568 k
Grantee Support
1st Amendment Awards