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We greatly appreciate your interest in donating to the HMH Foundation. Donations like yours are crucial to our mission of protecting First Amendment rights and ensuring that civil liberties are enjoyed by all. 

HMH Foundation

What Your Donation Creates

Fund programs and organizations with missions and goals align with those of the Foundation’s.

  • Fight voter intimidation and suppression (via People For the American Way)

  • Support freedom of speech and an end to restrictive free speech zones on America’s college and university campuses (via FIRE)

  • Support women’s reproductive rights and access to reproductive health care (via Planned Parenthood)

  • End federal marijuana prohibition and incarceration (via Drug Policy Alliance & Center for American Progress)

  • Reform the criminal justice system and defend digital privacy against mass government surveillance (via ACLU)

  • Support the right to read by combating censorship and book banning (via People For the American Way)

  • Fight journalistic censorship on our nation’s campuses (via Student Press Law Center)

  • Defend net neutrality (via Free Press)

  • Rescue and rehabilitate children who have been forced into prostitution (via Children of the Night)

  • Donations are 100% secure and tax-deductible.